Meets All Anti-Doping Regulations: The Story of Justice Gray and Athletic Alliance

When you are a paragon of physicality, you end up entertaining a *lot* of potential merchandising offers.   Whether the offer is for promoting someone’s software product, having my face on a cereal box, or licensing my signature so that it can be tattooed on people’s body parts, I eschew them all; I take being a role model for millions fairly seriously.   If there is *one* thing that Justice Gray is, it is a man of virtue, trust, and integrity!  But if there is a second thing Justice Gray is, it is a man who loves every supplement product currently produced by the lovely people at Athletic Alliance.

This is not going to be a post where I tell you that I received my first set of supplements from AA and immediately went to the gym and bench-pressed 700 lbs over my head 700 times*.  However, it *is* going to be a post to tell you all about why I do love this stuff:

1) Speaking as a superficial man, this packaging is the best looking packaging of any supplement brand I’ve ever seen.  Take a look for yourself:

If it was any better, you'd be sniffing it off of a glass table
If it was any better, you’d be sniffing it off of a glass table

Also note the message on each packet in small font: “meets all standard anti-doping regulations”.  In other words, people are going to suspect you are on steroids once you start using this stuff.

2) The protein supplement has colostrum in it.  For those of you not familiar with colostrum, it is the “liquid gold” that a mother produces in the first week post-childbirth.  I have no idea where Athletic Alliance is getting all this colostrum from.  What I *do* know is that if you don’t have a newborn mother whose breast you can suckle from, drinking Athletic Alliance protein is the next best thing for getting ripped and jacked.

3) I have to say, after two or three days worth of taking the protein and the pre and post workout stuff, I felt absolutely amazing.  Keep in mind who is telling you this – it is a man who routinely walks down the street ready to throw around moving vehicles because he is so hyped up.   This thing might meet anti-doping regulations but they have to be putting something else in there!  And whatever it is I could care less.  I cannot get enough of this stuff!!

4) Mixes well?  Sure.  Tastes great.  Of course!  Would I bother posting about this if it wasn’t true?  Many confirmations of that out there.  But let’s focus on what’s truly important here in point 5:

5) If there is only one thing that you take from this post, it is that if you want to be like Justice Gray…well forget *that*.  Don’t dream impossible dreams!  But if you want to be as close as you can be to it without resorting to illegal substances, I *highly* recommend buying 17 tubs of every supplement Athletic Alliance sells!!

* though I might’ve