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10 Minute Toughness – Buy This Book Or Risk Being Pelted With Garbage

TL;DR version

Buy this book, burn every other book you own, and replace them with copies of this book. BOOM, DONE.

Slightly more detailed version:

If you don’t own “10 Minute Toughness” by Jason Selk, go to Amazon now and buy the book.  If you’re making some excuse like “I need the audio book” or “I can’t read” then give me your phone number and I will *call you and read it to you in person*. “But Justice, I’ve got another 20 books in my queue” – SPOILER WARNING, Mr. Strong eats a lot of eggs and rescues the steamroller.   The rest of the series will be there when you get back, trust a guy who’s been there.

I just saved you twenty minutes
I just saved you twenty minutes

Your hero is all about systems.  This is because I am what professionals term THE MAN.  You should also be all about systems in your life because you’d *also* be the man.  Or the lady.  Or whatever.  So I *know* that I told you that this book would give you a stupidly easy system for your core ideals, your short-term and long-term goals, and your accountability to yourself you’d be all over it right?  Right.  And this, my friends, is that book.  It will change your life if you let it.

There are only about 5-10 touchpoints that I can truly say where my life truly changed forever.  Reading this book was one of them.    It is by far and away the 2nd best book I’ve ever read.   It will also be in the top 5 books that you ever read, and I can say this with complete confidence because you can’t risk the physical ramifications of this *not* being in your top 5 (see title, above).

Those who are reading this right now are either not at all surprised (or possibly, very surprised) that I’ve often been approached to mentor people towards being successful professionals.  While there’s all sorts of things you can do in my profession to develop future leaders (particularly in the technical arena), my first action is to give that person a copy of this book and have them do everything that this book says – highlight reels, success logs, etc.  Once they have done this, without fail it is like a light suddenly comes on and they are a different person.  Stronger.  Faster.  Hotter!  More alive.  If you’re astute you’ve noticed I just gave you a guide to mentoring people without charging you my normal hundreds of dollars an hour.  Okay, maybe it gets a little more in-depth than that afterwards but you can’t ask for a greater starting point.  Here are some of the anecdotes from people I’ve given this book to:


This literally changed everything for me”

“I could have saved myself the hundreds of dollars on personal coaching and just bought this book instead”

“You’re a beautiful and handsome husband but I really need you to take out the composting”  

You’re likely reading this because you’ve got some big dreams, some fantastic goals and you want to achieve them.  This book helps put practical steps in front of you to realize those dreams and take small steps every day towards the bigger picture.

It’s that last sentence that makes this book absolutely ideal for anyone in that elite group of people wanting to automate as much as possible so that you can focus on destroying every obstacle in your path. 10 Minute Toughness takes this to the next logical extension and automates goal-setting, visualization, into a process that takes literally about 10 minutes a day if that.   It’s basically a system to live your life and succeed.

From my own standpoint the book has completely re-sorted the way I approached everything.  I hate books with fluff and this book has none.  Every anecdote serves a purpose and every page has practicality.  After getting through the book I had developed three scripts: physical, professional, and personal.   These highlight reels are living – they change as I change.  As I accrue new successes they go in the highlight reel.  Statements that either I’ve used to describe myself or others have used to describe me that I like go into the personal or identity statements.  And I go through these reels *every single day*.  Call me a smelly new age hippie if you like but call me a *successful* smelly new age hippie!  Remember that I buy my own coffee nowadays padre!

Imagine thinking the same thought every day for years.   Now imagine that thought giving you energy at the times you don’t have it, turning you “on” when you aren’t, getting you out of bed when you want to sleep.  Imagine being reminded of every single significant success your life has ever had *every day*.  Who *wouldn’t* want that?

At a certain point, the whole centering breath – personal statement – highlight reel – identity statement – centering breath becomes *automatic*.    I’ve got these things so tied into me that I can hear specific pieces of music and get energized (what do you think I’m listening to while I write this? ;) )  I’m telling you, *this book is the way*.  But enough of that, I’m not telling you everything about this book because Jason Selk deserves all of your money.   I’ll make you a lifetime guarantee –

I’m so confident in this book’s quality that I guarantee that if you read this book and don’t get any benefit out of it I will never speak to you again, simply out of spite.

Some of you are still squeamish about the fact that the book is written from an athlete’s perspective.   Don’t worry about it.   You’re an athlete in the sport of *life*.  Get out there and compete by getting the advice of one of the best coaches around, one that changed my life and so many others.

“Do you not know that in a race all the runners run, but only one gets the prize? Run in such a way as to get the prize.”  – 1 Corinthians 9:24

Time to get running.


  • Anand Narayan

    This book is awesome! I Agree. it is truly natural in execution all the elements he presents. I started with the identity statement and removing negative thoughts. So much so I look like this guy in the morning!!